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What changes would you like to see

If anything is on your mind, we'd like to hear it!

Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby jhaelen » Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:08 am

Drygord wrote:Basic Daris is actually a Pimp. Think about it: unconditional draw! This is very powerful late game, and useful in early to mid game. More cards means more options, which means stronger plays.

I find myself trying to incorporate advanced Daris because if the board control, but I always find basic to perform better.
Hmm. I'd love to compare the heroes... I've been playing my newly unlocked Mono Wisdom Control Deck a lot in the past two days, and I really enjoy it. But I very rarely use the Basic Hero ability, unless I'm desperate, and then it usually doesn't make a difference anymore. I almost always find better uses for my mana (Forcewielder, Thaumic Laboratory, Lamp of Zaffir), and this Aspect already has a lot of ways to draw additional cards.

I recall plenty games that I would have won easily with the Advanced Hero ability to get a turn of unopposed attacks.
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby mxstrong » Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:20 pm

I'm running advanced daris in my mono wisdom tempo deck. I'm running 4x of both libraby guards and disquisitive spirit, so i'm almost never running out of cards and adv. daris ability is really useful - it wins a lot of close games for me.
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby againigounno » Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:42 am

When click on a collection button on the main screen convenient to open cards section, not INVENTORY
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby scoicarius » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:03 pm

againigounno wrote:When click on a collection button on the main screen convenient to open cards section, not INVENTORY

I'd suggested the same thing. "Cards" did use to be the default (leftmost) tab in the Collection, but it was changed after launch because some people could not find the Inventory. They should have added a short tutorial when first entering the section instead of switching the tabs. "Cards" is the most accessed tab; it's annoying having to always select it instead of being the default.
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Postby againigounno » Wed Apr 27, 2016 4:47 am

do not claim to truth, that is only my proposal.

Following recent changes in HS (absolute killing of some cards), I do not expect anything grand from a small indie studio. Blizzard took more than 2 years to acknowledge that some cards were too strong and unbalanced.

But I still believe in the best, and if we follow the hard way some of the cards to their balancing (Lord Karthas, initially, when he went on the field, he could destroy any creature and you gain 2 life when any creature dies,not only killed by K. Bloodseeking Mutant, Powerlast Incarnate, Path to transcendence memories of these cards are still fresh,
Tombs of the damned, Obelisk of unity ... a lot of cards has been changed several times), hope the game community effort will not go in vain

part 3

I understand that when the 2\3 of the ladder began to play this hero, this had to do something, but main strength was not in his skill, the possibility kill in one turn abusing path+ambush strike and synergy with elven cards that give a strong tempo (grove guardian+summoner druid, tornado, haldiri) - this made him strong, but deck wasnt OP and counter certain other decks.
changes Path were needed, about tornado and ambush I complained earlier (see part2),
so I for return to the original requirements Tireless march (1 order, 1 any), but add 1 mana cost *it will prevent a quick kill in the early stages, and will make use of the ability to selectively bit*

we gradually move on to the next card:
Haldiri Rider
if we discard emotions and try to figure out how it was possible to slightly weaken the card, but do not trash, the options remain little. and it is rather a problem of the game. Too small variation of parameters at\hp\sp.
Even only reducing life to 1 made card significantly worse. Now it is dying from noxious fumes, easily blocked by Library Guards *only trade 1x1, but LG cost 1 less and draw a card* and can not even kill a zombie or a goblin for free.
What options are left? can not touch the speed (for obvious reasons), 2.5 hp to do the impossible :) but 2 hp not enough, mana cost also without options *5 a lot, 3 few* ...
to be honest, I can not think of anything better than to return as it was. Make it rarity rare, so as not often comes in trials. as an option to make it 3 mana cost but 3 lvl

Summoner Druid
the problem of this card is not whether what at\hp it has, in early game its too strong (op combination turn 1: grove guardian, t2: SD+ability, elf warrior, t3: elite vanguard, SD ability, elite vanguard (or cavalry captain or something else) ... 5 creatures for the first three turns. balanced :D
*I do not need to say what will happen if your opponent has a bad starting hand*
On the other side card is completely useless in the no early stages *if not in the starting hand and did not come in the first 3 turns*
my suggestion to reduce the energy to 1, but add 1 atk\1 hp

Angelic Song
as I understand the change was intended to weaken OTH deck, but the problem is not solved (the problem was not the case), and card made unplayable. Even in its original form, it was not strong and a few other cards to easily interact with it (spell warden, ray of righteousness, test of time, venerated unicorn, landslide)
I for that to return it to the original effect, you can add a constraint - 4 or less creatures can not attack

cavalry field captain
what's the problem with this creature? why it is so versatile and strong?
even if it just gave +1 atk, it would have been strong enough. my proposal to remove the unique ability and another creature gets +1 atk\+1 sp until eot. *the opportunity to trade with greater speed creature in itself strong enough,and additional hp make it almost always free of charge, at the same time we put a good creature for 2 mana*

it happened before with elven sanctuary where the difference is 1 hp was so significant that the card almost stopped playing, but it is still good and not OP. (it might be worth to reduce the cooldown by 1)

Soldiers' memorial
touch of light every turn? in the future by increasing the creatures soldiers it becomes a problem. even now it looks a little too much. better to increase the cooldown by 1

one of the two problematic cards in the game, which is just 2 mana give unlimited draw potential
"gather round and listen..."
it was a lot of talk about this card. Someone does not think it is very strong, someone does not understand why she is the legendary, someone are satisfied with its current state.
in the future, when there will be more interesting elves card has too much capacity.
I like card itself and its mechanics. Maybe let it play no more than one elf per turn will be a moderate fix

Burning rage
Many have long understood that with card has to do something, and increase the risk of playing this card the right direction. But the problem is that after the change to a specific deck and in the right hands it became a rather buff. You can play the entire game with two BR on the table, pull out a bunch of cards and did not get any damage from it.
my proposal to return the original penalty in the form of damage per turn, but let the damage will be inflicted every two turns (in addition to the existing damage for each card above 4)

Altar of dragons
fireball has long mana cost 3 and the ability to play the creature with 4 mana 4 lvl for only 2 mana 3 lvl It does not look right
add 1 mana cost, increase the cooldown by 1

Well, in the completion of our program chief guest
Thaumic Reflector
Anyone interested, can participate in the discussion here ... f=4&t=2615

I will be brief. cards played via the reflector are sent to the bottom of the graveyard. this will prevent the playing of the same card in a few reflectors immediately
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Postby againigounno » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:54 am

Hello to all. Two years have passed, something has improved, but there has also appeared a bunch of garbage cards after the rebalance and distressful new set. After spending a few days in the game after the mobile release, I want to share my view on the current state of things and offer my ideas.
    For all the time, there has never been a clear improvement for DO and if everything will remain as is, add visual (and \ or audible) warning that oponnent miss DO (it's not fair when you lose the game just because you did not get shrine at an early stage and the opponent did not even notice it) -- this request existed from the very beginning of the game
I think the introduction of a heroic rarity into the game and how it was realized was a mistake but at the same time I agree that the cards of the heroes themselves should have a separate rarity. Look at the 6 heroic creatures in the game. Why has nothing changed for so long? Only Aezerhis is used in the meta deck (OP?) and sometimes 1-2 copies of Saluxio.
    Is it possible to make that when composing a deck when the card is clicked with the left button, it moves to the deck, without the need for manual dragging?
    Maybe it's worth removing the problem|bad cards from the game and then re-issuing the changed versions of them and a new one as a new set? (with partial dust compensation) Why draw and invent new cards if you have a good arts and blanks, just need to modify them
And of course about cards that were undeserved|expected changed or still not changed:
Paralel Evolution remove draw a card
Power Discharge why this card of common rarity made such an unreasonably universal? remove freeze an enemy creature
Library Guards a good example of how difficult it is to balance. card from the category 'use everywhere' have gone to the category 'do not use anywhere'. My suggestion was only to weaken the stats without add extra cost for draw. 1\3 or even 1\2 whould be ok.
Ka'ainu was the previous version a problem? runelit incarnate was fixed. Hero need something more
Burkh i like redesign, but add '...they deal damage to burkh equal to their HALF atk, rounded up' make it better and more often applicable. Burkh strongg and wears heavy armor to reduce damage
Apocalypse is it joke?
Despina I will not even comment on this
Scatador's biddig why you doing this? who is this person who advised this ? :(
and of course the problematic Сataclysm 6 mana did not solve the problem, but rather made the card very difficult playable (in most situations it's too late). 5 mana was more than enough, but need some kind of drawback. I think randomly discard 2 cards in hand when played is ok solution.
And i dont like instant spells for corruption. it is bad for flavor design

my personal request, Ivko, you once promised. Add achievement: collect 4 copies of each card in the game (including all new ones released). Reward: a unique cardback that has never before been in any promotions (and let people propose and vote that it should be)

and delete this plis :)
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby Ravignir » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:09 am

For library guards I would like to see them being old ability but 2 sp and pay 1 mana, +2sp on enemy turn, so good change for flavor.
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby Principius » Sat May 26, 2018 6:53 pm

buy foil packs to gold =D ...

pack 100 crystals or 12.500 gold
pack foil 500 crystals or 72.500 gold
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby Ravignir » Mon May 28, 2018 1:38 pm

Lorenthiel approves
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Re: What changes would you like to see

Postby VitamineC » Mon May 28, 2018 10:09 pm

Foil packs for gold whould be awesome! But as a "premium" kind of thing they would probably fall under the category of items that's cheaper when you buy it with crytals, so something like 500 crystals or 75k gold (62.5k would be the standard conversion rate).
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