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Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:42 pm
by Maximvs
The shaman deck is very powerful for how easy it is to construct ( heck you just type in a code and it's built for you lol ) and Ytix made it even more powerful.

Some cards needs to be nerfed imo Busting 8 8 swift creatures non stop is ridiculous. Mostly because of the totems.

Totem of swiftness : Remove 1 energy from it and make only played shamans swift. Let him choose which creature to make swift rather than make everything swift all the time, and stop this 10 10 swift offering yard priest from the grave. That's just ridiculous.
Totem of legends : Remove 1 energy from it. 1 card to draw at least 4 cards? Compare it to other card draw, it's ridiculously powerful.
Lightning totem : It should deal damage only to enemies.
Totem of tortures : reduce it's energy to 2. Compare it to a fireball as it is right now ; for 1 less mana, it will deal the same amount of damage to the face but also drain 3 life, maybe even more.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:07 am
by iLikeCookies
hmm I don't think your assessment of Totem of Tortures is fair. Fireball can remove a creature, while the totem only damages face.

I think the Offering Yard Priest is just really insane. Its what the entire deck revolves around basically. Maybe we could split the power of the totem archetype over several good shamans, instead of one crazy overpowered shaman. For now, if you hate getting your face bashed in by yard priests, play 4 copies of Marked By the Gods.

The shamans archetype is really machup polarized. You win some games for free and you lose other games for free. If you're against aggro, you lose, if you're against control, you win. The extent that the matchup decides the win, rather than player decisions isn't really a fun aspect of the shamans archetype.

Perhaps nerf yard priest or the way swiftness totem works, and then print another good synergy card.

Maybe something that does something good when a friendly artifact leaves the field. I kinda feel like birchwood invoker is a missed opportunity. (green totem deck doesn't work. But realistically, with the power of offering yard priest it makes sense that there aren't any other super crazy shamans.)

I would design a black shaman card. He gains energy when a friendly totem is destroyed. Then you can pay energy to return shamans from your graveyard to your hand. (This would also make totem of forsaken thoughts potentially playable)


Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:50 am
by Lord_Xenon
I don't think that shamans need a nerf. When you can't get rid of their totems, it's your decks fault.
And when swift is out, you normally have 1/2 blocker left against them(else bad play maybe from your part).
There are enough removals for both, totems and creatures to halt them.
And when Ytix buffed them so much, they should nerf Ytix and not the archtype.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:45 pm
by Maximvs
Removing totems means you'd have to run 12 artifact destroying cards in your deck. You know that's not viable.

The only time I ever removed all totems was when I had a thaumic reflector and I spammed that test of time.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:10 pm
by Melliuc
There is always a troll to say "I don't think that shamans need a nerf"... Of course it needs to be nerfed, it's obvious, and I mean REALLY obvious. Most of the time, the rage/corruption totem deck is very stupid to play, yet it can overcome most of the other decks very easily.

The rage/corruption totem deck needs to be nerfed and rethought because it's overpowered, because it's stupid to play, because it's far more powerful than any standard decks, because it's based on many artifacts and some colours (aspects) don't even have a proper artifact removal card so they can't do anything against it, because even a dull player can win with it, etc. Some vicious players are knowing all that, and they're using this deck each time they do a tourney (even in freeroll)... and generally, they're only beaten by well made rage aggro decks. Do you imagine what other players with home made decks are feeling towards that? Many players could use this deck, and they don't do it because they despise it.

So, if you want a better reason, then I will say one word: frustration. This deck has a strong tendency to create a situation where the opponent is powerless and knows he will lose the game whatever he's doing. It's not the only thing like that in this game (and this is, imo, the main problem of this game) but with this deck you know that at the very beginning of the battle. This game is supposed to be fun for the 2 players involved in a battle, and it's not fun at all when you have no possibilities of winning a battle.

One last thing... There are totems and shamans in other colours than rage and corruption, but I never met an overpowered totem deck that wasn't a rage/corruption one. It's one more proof that things are strongly unbalanced for the rage/corruption totem deck.

Maybe the devs could solve many things by modifying "Offering Yard Priest". I think a text like "When this creature enters the field, you can choose to sacrifice X totems to add X might emblem on it" will do the trick. It will prevent the player to play and resurrect many times this tank creature. And with this new text, the base ATK and HP of this shaman could be raised a little bit and that would make it more interesting in other kind of decks too.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:46 pm
by iLikeCookies
I posted a thread where I suggest a way to rework the shamans archetype. ... =4&t=12942

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:37 am
by Lord_Xenon
There is always a troll being stupid and just pin others' opinions down right Melliuc troll?
Please explain me your point instead of blaming.

@Maxim: 4 is enough. You don't need to kill every totem. Only the most important ones(draw and maybe thunder). The others are just stuff that can be outplayed.

Back to the 'issue': Okay WHEN did Totems become so super strong? Did they recently buffed/changed the totems/shamans? I don't check every change(or have them in mind). Because afair there weren't ANY. So why should be a deck nerfed, that was maybe okay(was this played often in competition)?

Artifact removal is a problem for some colours.
Being a bad matchup is a problem for some decks.
That's all nothing new(or should be). That's how balance work.
So when does this deck got 'so rampant' you accuse it?

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:57 pm
by Maximvs
"WHEN did Totems become so super strong?"

When Ytix arrived.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:21 am
by Lord_Xenon
Then the easiest(and best) fix is to nerf Ytix.
Because if you ruin Totems for other heroes, you literally destroy them.

Re: Nerf the shaman deck now that Ytix exists

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:40 am
by Melliuc
Some people want me to explain more... So, here I am again. Saying the same things like an very old man.

As I said, the rage/corruption totem deck is overpowered and it's obvious. It's not new, and I can't understand why it's like that for so long, but Ytix has just made things worse than before. More life for the hero, draw a card when you add the hero power "summon totem", and few spells in this deck so it greatly avoids the Ytix penalty for spells...

But, even if Ytix is a little too much OP, and even if the artifacts are starting to be a real problem in this game (too much power, and too hard to remove), there is still a rage/corruption totem deck problem.

Watch how some lower tourneys are dominated by this deck, and you should not be able to deny the problem. In a freeroll, for example, this deck is so many times winning the first place that it's just obscene. Even some players with a powerful deck are getting wiped out by this stupid totem mechanism. And of course, the problem is also present in ranked games. Generally, only some specific aggro decks (ex: Cruel_Teck's one) can defeat it. This situation is not normal. How can someone still think this deck is balanced? In ranked games you can resign as soon as you see the first totem, and it's not a big deal unless you want to be top ranked, but in tourneys it's more problematic because there are rewards to lose.

To keep the players in this game, you have to search and eradicate the situations where the game is giving more frustration than fun to the players... And for medium decks, like mine, do you think it's funny to know you will lose as soon as you see a totem on the field at the very first turn? It's even worse than 3 silencers played consecutively (yeah, that's another problem). This kind of OP deck can make you want to leave the game (or at least to focus on Trial games where this problem does not exist, but few players are doing that).