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When you combine all un interactive mechanics in one strat.

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When you combine all un interactive mechanics in one strat.

Postby iLikeCookies » Sun May 13, 2018 11:05 am

Saluxio with Namir's Blessing:

Can't use skills
Can't use targeted spells
Can't be attacked because flying
Can't be blocked by half of the game's creatures because 3 speed

So then, how to kill?
Distribute cards: Arrow Barrage, Snowstorm, Cannonade, Soul Projection
AOE: Suffocate, Cataclysm, (Somehow manage to freeze +) Detonate, Holy Radiance
Sacrifice: Bezarok, Infernal Tribute.

The the turns where the cards that deal with this are playable is too late for some aspects
The player with the Saluxio can already stack might emblems onto it before the AOE's can be played.
Sacrfice doesn't work because additional creatures and tokens are easily played before turn Infernal Tribute's turn 6/7 or Bezarok's turn 8.

Try to contest other creatures and then cast Infernal Tribute: doesn't work because they have a 3 speed flier with might emblems that also regenerate their HP at the end of each turn, making you unable to attack with anything.

Nature can kill spells, so it can kill the Namir's Blessing while attached to Saluxio, even though the Saluxio is untargetable. They can also use reach to attack the support row, and have many 3 speed creatures.

The amount of answers that work is just too small, and too dependent on what aspects you are playing.
You queue into the deck? OK I guess it's time to concede if you're not playing Cata or Arrow Barrage.

This whole situation is too much of a matchup polalizer. Player decisions hardly matter and the matchup decides the winner.

Redesign Namir's Blessing asap plx.

Namir's Blessing 2 mana 1O (OX) Blessing subtype spell
"Attach to creature. This creature is lifebound. When it dies, return Namir's blessing from your graveyard to your hand."


Midnight Cravings on an Undead Necromancer NEW META
I guess this is a way for corruption to deal with it :D

It still requires you to float 3 mana every turn though, which the opponent can punish by not attacking.
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