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Update Version 3.50

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Update Version 3.50

Postby admin » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:44 am

This is strictly a bug-fix release with the following changes:

Gameplay Fixes & Changes

Made the power of Felix the Lightsworn to move to the front line optional.
Alabaster Dragon will now receive the correct number of Might Emblems when embodying creatures with buffed ATK.
Symbol of Growth play boost effect is only applied in the current turn, as specified on the card.
Fixed a bug that made you unable to attack in the same turn when a creature gained or lost Flying, e.g. with Mantle of Winds.
Fixed a gameplay crash related to Reign of the Underworld.

Client Fixes & Changes

Added rollover to the hero portraits in-game.
Right-click on the hero portrait now zooms in the hero card in the deck editor.
The "Attack All" button will now target Aamon, Demon Overlord transformed into a creature on the field.
You are now able to destroy attached cards by dragging, e.g. with Test of Time in your hand.
A Fireball card played via Bloodwell Matriarch no longer obstructs the enemy hero on mobile.
Assassins' Guild and similar cards are now displayed when they trigger (instead of the hero being shown)
Fixed disappearing language change control on the Login screen.
Fixed a bug with Assassins' Guild causing the level 1 creature that was played to remain zoomed over the field.
Fixed the powers of Trigon of the Pact being displayed wrong.
Fixed campaign texts that were displayed in English for French language in the mobile versions.
Fixed icons for attached cards not updating in certain cases when an attached card was destroyed.


The card database now displays cards from Ancient Rising.
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