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Postby VanguardX » Fri Aug 31, 2018 1:22 am

Duall is tied for the most titles of all time, with 3. He has more masters points than anyone other than Cruel_TeK. His average points-per-appearance is higher than 5 current Hall of Famers. He's won while playing decks no one else plays or has success with, including R/D Zash and W/C Control. If we were launching the Hall of Fame today and picking 5 players from the entire player base, there would be a strong argument to make that Duall is one of the 5 best players in Spellweaver history. He easily belongs in the Hall of Fame.

An Album
Album gets my vote based on contributions to the community. He casts alongside Fuzz. He's written a number of articles for SpellweaverDB. He's made tutorial videos on topics that aren't sexy, but that help grow the game - how to complete the tutorial, how to access the market, how to craft, etc. He's dedicated his time to helping to grow the Spellweaver community, just as The Fuzz and VitamineC have, and he deserves to be in alongside them.

10th Masters Champion
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Postby rags » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:07 am

Stanel, An Album, Dobrycy

From Hall’s intro and a search of the forum, I’ve decided nomination and voting criteria are rather informal. I never found the original video and don’t know if I would have watched it if I had, (sounds amusing though, Jotto) so I put some of my own informal thought together in writing to get me started:

1) I don't think the skills of athletes from different eras should be compared because of changes over the years to equipment, to training, to the rules, to how stats are kept, even to air quality.
About all you can say is "the best player of the year" type of thing.

Same for Spellweaver, although - Can we call a couple of years an “era?”
I think so. A lot changes in one year.

I’ve been playing since June 2016 and have played all the nominees at least once except for maybe Pawel123k, but not enough for an informed decision. However, I remember Stanel the most and with a positive vibe so it’s him and the others will be nominees again later anyway

2) I think the impact a person has on a sport is a better measurement and it can be positive or negative according to the individual fan, i.e. +Muhammad Ali, -Mike Tyson, ~Tiger Woods, ++Howard Cosell

An Album
From the moment we first turned Friday Night Tourney chat into impromptu YT music jams, he kept the party rolling. Actually, maybe it was somebody else, but he gets credit. Axe throwing! Well, maybe that was somebody else too. Bottom line: He creatively uses what’s available to unobtrusively enliven the game to keep players engaged and returning, although maybe that was somebody else, maybe the guy who does the same thing with The Fuzz while streaming.

I am pleased so many others are voting for him too.

3) Decide on a Decision Matrix type Percent of importance for #1 and #2 and then assign the nominees a rating.
Add or subtract a few points or percentages for personality, attitude, community service, etc.

Finally, look at your totals and use them to justify the gut feeling you had in the first place.

Those few added points grow so fast! I was chatting with him last night about his Broccoli deck “as seen on spellweaverdb” only I was calling it his Celery deck and not for a laugh, I honestly had the wrong name in my mind.

Helpful, funny, personable, and a great player. Of all the nominees, the one I encounter most often in everyday playing after An Album and who, like An Album, makes me smile when I see his name on the Registered screen.
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Postby RainZone » Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:04 pm

An Album: Great Caster.

Duall: Great Player.

Dobrycy: most loyal follower/viewer.
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Playing since the open beta and recently started to make content in the form of live streams and Youtube Videos.
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