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Silencer rework opinion: Johfat, relic of Silence.

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Silencer rework opinion: Johfat, relic of Silence.

Postby Blacklotus » Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:21 pm


Yesterday i was brainstorming some concept for SW cards, when my eye was caught up by . I always thought card was at it's core unique but was one sidedly oppressive. Moreover, i thought Silencer wouldn't really offer a controlled permission, in the sense: i decide what card to cancel and what not. Lastly, my experience as a MTG player made me feel an intense lack of interaction vs spells in general. Creatures have removal, artifact and blessing have hate...what about action?

How this would work?
I tried to imagine how Such a card would work in Sw ruling, trying to not hammer basic mechanics of the game. For this, in the creation phase, i tended to associate the card with second effect.

You have an 1/1 creature on the field, together with Johfat. Suppose opponent decide to play a .
Step 1: Opponent clicks PD
Step 2: Opponent chooses mode
Step 3: Opponent select target
Step 4: Spell is casted, effect goes on.
Imagine Johfat to trigger as opponent casts a spell, just like Dreyla triggers when opponent plays a creature, and after the trigger the casted spell is canceled. Imo this mechanically works pretty similiar to the current Silencer, except you are given to choose when the trigger cancel the spell or not.

What does this mean, speaking of gameplay?

Imo, more interaction: Johfat as an artifact can perfectly ne hated out by almost all artifact hate in the game. Silencer offers instead an indinstinct block to anytype of card (the only situation i can come up to in which Silencer can be hated out is when you have an on the board from the previous turn and you sacrifice it.)
Jofhat would instead hit a more limited spectrum of cards, being more versatile and more control-ish. Also the medium number of card cancelled would be equal, if not less, than the old Silencer.

Gaining energy and Relics

This is fun actually. Relics were a class of artifacts i thought for each Aspect, with peculiar effect of each Aspect(Damage for Rage, Bounce for Nature, Weakness Emblem for Corruption ecc...) and like Jofhat, legendary, meaning that they can't be spammed. Since Silencer had been mostly used in bicolor control archetipes i didn't want to cancel this aspect of the card, making it synergistic with other color's in a (i hope at least) balanced way.


I'm in no way the maximum expert of the game, so i'll let the others judgement on the matter of playability. Imho card is fun, powerful and would fit good in a game which with the newest addition( Marked by the Gods of all the Symbol cycle) is changing shape in a more interactive and fun way.
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