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A few comeback questions

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A few comeback questions

Postby Srga » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:33 pm

1. Is this game still alive? Aka people playing it
2. Is this game still as pay to win as hearthstone? For some reason it was impossible to aquire cards even as an active player since the beta.
3. Is no skill agro still the main meta every tournament or ladder session like it was for the first year of game release.
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Re: A few comeback questions

Postby VitamineC » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:27 am

1. Yes, and the playerbase has been growing since the game was released on mobile a few months back.

2. The game has always been a lot more generous than HS, it just wasn't very obvious. However quest rewards have been made a lot more consistent, i.e. rare and epic quests now spawn in fairly regular intervals and you can see when the next one will spawn when you click on the academy.
Average daily quest rewards when you factor in rare and epic quests is ~18k+ gold woth of stuff (a normal pack costs 12.5k).
The game also changed its business model a bit to be more like an LCG. There are now monthly releases of 7-15 new cards and you can buy complete packages containing full playsets of all cards from one month's release for both gold and crystals. Overall keeping up with card releases (meaning getting full playsets of every single new card that's released) costs 300k gold per month, which you can get by farily casually completing all your daily quests for a month. Alternatively you can also still get the new cards the traditional way via packs, quests, drafts, and crafting. (more info here ... y-forward/)
Dedicated players who also do well in tournaments tend to be able to go from nothing to an almost full collection in ~3-4 months without spending anything.

3. The meta has been fairly diverse in the past few months. However with new cards being released every month the meta changes constantly, so it's hard to say what's currently the best archetype. Right now it seems like the meta is shifting more towards midrange decks.

Do check out the official discord and SpellweaverDB for more info and discussion.
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Re: A few comeback questions

Postby ripDreyla » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:43 am

As someone who left Hearthstone permanently for several reasons that Spellweaver addressed for my Card playing desires, I can say one of them was the ability to earn the cards in a more respectable and realistic time frame and by playing just the ai, that was a huge point/advantage for me personally.

I have unlocked most of the cards in the game by playing predominantly against the ai. So if you play pvp, it will be even better because it is even more rewarding.

The beauty of this game, is that if there aren't many people online when you are on, you can play vs the ai and still get your rewards. The one thing that is missing is making quests count when you play with a friend in personal challenge mode.

It would also be nice to see an ai Trial mode. But with the mobile release, we noticed it is harder to find each other specifically in Friendly Challenges than it used to be. So that points to an increase in population in Friendly matches. There was a time when a friend and I would queue up and always find each other, this was good for us. Now we don't have that happen anymore :(

The depth of strategy with this game and options is getting deeper and deeper with the addition of this extra activity from the devs in form of monthly card releases. I have found that this game has the best balance of any game and diversity of its kind. At first I thought the same, that aggro would always dominate, and it is still competitive, but it certainly does not dominate, there are many ways to dominate and counter aggro.

I have tested even the best aggro decks against the ai, and sometimes even there it gets crushed. And same thing with a friend, one of us plays aggro and other plays other decks, and depending on the deck, you can sometimes dominate aggro very easily.
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