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First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

The game's community balance team discusses card changes here.

Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby VitamineC » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:14 pm

I'll probably be able to do some testing on sunday afternoon-evening. Otherwise I'll drop in when I can and check the chat.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby ivko » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:22 pm

Excellent, I might try to play some Demons at some point (probably quite terribly), but I want to get a feel of the deck. See you guys in chat ;)
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Maraut » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:47 pm

So I finally managed to find someone who would play some games against me. Ante and I had some fun games with the new portals. What we tested:

Legendary Portal

My custom corr/dom vampire demons against corruption control. The demons need a good board to cast overwhelming forces, so they were obviously no match. (1 game)

Aggro demons vs corruption control. (2 games) Demons won both quite easily without having to make use of portal's new legendary tag.

Third Portal

Harbinger OTH vs my custom Coronis deck featuring new merchant of souls, harbinger (neither of which were played) and siren. (2 games) Coronis won both, and Ante went to the extra trouble of having two portals on the field. He was severely disappointed with this portal version, but you'll have to ask him for specifics.

One interesting situation involving siren: I used a siren to attack Ante, who had one ready harpy and a ton of souls. He had to block with the harpy, but of course not with the revolting souls. He then sacced enough souls to get some blockers, and blocked with two souls in addition to the harpy. He said that he was not required to block with those souls, even though they appeared as red (required to block) for me once he had sacced the remaining souls.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Ante » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:58 pm

Maraut wrote: He said that he was not required to block with those souls, even though they appeared as red (required to block) for me once he had sacced the remaining souls.

Seems we missunderstood here. I had to block with the 2 souls who appeared red,.

The 3rd portal version just seems too much of a nerf. It has to be tested in the aggro version though.
The Harbinger OTH is quiet hard to pull off with either of the new versions and i think it will remain a fundeck with it.
Though harbinger himself in aggro demons is quiet good. I think it needs its stats adjusted to 2/3.

Since Maraunt and me were no experts in Demons and Portal, it would be nice to know what are bad matchups for Demons.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Maraut » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:39 pm

Some more statistics from my games with The Fuzz, using legendary portal:

aggro demons vs healmelion (3 games): 2 demon victories

aggro demons vs rage rush (3 games): 2 demon victories

Portal was replaced with itself in 2 games out of six.

I'm not going to say anything about op-ness, but I felt rather helpless against Fuzz' demons, especially playing rage rush. That deck seems to be way past its prime. And even healmelion, who should specialize in surviving rushs, faced an uphill battle.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby The Fuzz » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:56 pm

I would recommend Portal 3 as the replacement. The main downside of portal is supposed to be that you are on the clock, unless you are willing to run Herald of Despair, which is otherwise a bad card. With Portal replacing itself, and the extra healing from Harbinger, this is no longer needed.

Forcing demons to either run Herald, or take a greater risk with less healing is a better approach. Mind you, the deck might still be too good due to Harbinger, but for Portal itself, definitely Portal 3.



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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Burdis » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:09 pm

I cant play any Spellweaver until next weekend, only home now and then leaving again tomorrow for another week.

Bad timing because i wanted to do this but theres nothing i can do about it sorry :(
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Maraut » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:16 pm

Some more demon testing, this time against Zadorec's Wisdom Zash.

- 7 games were played, demons won 3. I'd like to note that I have barely ever played demons before, and I am positive that a more experienced demon player would have won at least another two of them. Demons clearly felt like the stronger deck.

- I ran portal 3, but I never felt like it mattered which version I played.

- Harbinger really carried the deck, and was the key to all of my victories. This card completely changes demons as a whole. I didn't even bother running a single herald of despair, and I think my portal once had up to 7 energy without getting me too worried.

Anyway, I think I've seen enough demons to last me for a good while. Not sure what I'll test next.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby Zadorec » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:40 pm

Me and Maraut did some testing, with full corruption aggro demon thing (Maraut) vs W/R control (me).

We played 7 matches, in the end it was 4-3 for me. We have to add, Maraut wasn't too much of an expert with his deck (if I would have played the demon side, I wouldn't have been either), I think I played my deck pretty well.

(W/R is the first number)
1-0 no portal, no harbinger
0-1 portal no destroyed
1-0 portal 1 destroyed, then an another played, harbinger played, really close, I survived on 1 HP
0-1 no portal, no harbinger played
0-1 portal, harbinger played
1-0 portal (not too early), harbinger played
1-0 no portal, harbinger played

Maraut never played 2 portals at the same, it didn't matter what version he used. About 2 matches could have been won by Maraut, if he could use the deck better. I was quite lucky mostly got a good new horizons.

I think once portal is down Harbinger makes it way too easy to maintain life for the demon deck player. I lost a game, where I got a pretty good start, and he got portal too (game 5 I think), where he had a portal with 7 energy, and he had no issues with health.
With Harbinger seachable, from turn 3 he can play harbinger every single turn (then recycle it with Vultures), gaining an insane board, it is close to impossible to attack his board, he has hordes of souls to block, and every second turn he can use Enoch hero power to heal 10+.
I was having trouble with W/R, not a single other deck has this much aoe to kill all the souls, free/close to free 1-1-s.

So I think Harbinger shouldn't be a demon.
"Infinite combo":
-portal searches Harbinger
-portal eats your life, so every second turn Enoch hero power to maintain
-Vultures recycles Harbinger

So I think Harbinger+Enoch hero power can mostly negate portal's downside.

Edit: Nah, thinking about it, we played a control vs rush matchup, so obviously control will have a hard time.
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Re: First Balance Tests - This Weekend!

Postby YSChaos » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:49 am

With the madness Chinese New Year brings here my time is very limited, so only got to try the 2 portals out in aggro demons. Only 2 out of 10 games the legendary portal was useful to reset itself.
If we want to avoid the reset ability, add a line that states: When Portal enters play, transfer all energy from other portals to it. (could also be fun in mirrors :D )
Harbinger feels too strong and its stats should be tuned down, it's always a good choice.
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