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Dutch translation thread

Help us with translating Spellweaver in your language!

Re: Dutch translation thread

Postby ivko » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:11 pm

All right, thanks again!

We will add the corrections in the next update.

And yes, I could have missed a couple... sorry about that. I was also going and correcting other instances of the same translation issue, e.g. I made all emblem translations consisted, etc.
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Re: Dutch translation thread

Postby Carjan » Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:03 am

Hi Ivko,

After having played some more Spellweaver in Dutch, here are a couple of more issues that I felt were important enough to mention:

1. Rough or uptight translations:

For "Put a card" and the like it seems better to use the verbs "nemen" and "leggen", depending on context. We have the following cases:

- Insignia of the Sun.
This one is actually important as it is has a couple of errors still. The card text second paragraph should read:
"Bekijk de bovenste 3 kaarten van je set. Neem een Soldaat- of een Ridderkaart ervan in je hand en leg de rest onderop je set." Now it says you can pick from your deck...

- Diogen:
"Wanneer Diogenes het veld betreedt, neem een kaart [...]"

- Contraptionist:
"[...] en neem deze kaart in uw hand"

- Field Operative:
In the first sentence of the card text, the word 'een' is superfluous and wrong. It suggests the effect occurs whenever an Operative enters the field instead of self. It should be "Wanneer Veldofficier het veld betreedt, [...]".

Then, in the second paragraph, it is easier to read when it would say "[...] en neem die kaart in je hand."

- Arcadian Visionary:
The second sentence of the card text would better be "Neem een actiekaart met dezelfde eenheid [...] en leg ze onderop je set."

- Black Market:
The last sentence of the card text should read: "Leg de rest in je kerkhof."

- Gnome Surgeon:
"Zoek in je set naar een implantaat en neem het in je hand."

- Temptress of Deceit:
Her name is roughly translated. I think "Valse Verleidster" would be better, shorter (and alliterating).

Then, her card text should also say: "Wanneer Valse Verleidster schade [...]"

2. Inconsistent translations with respect to effects in the game:

- Armory Supplies :
"Breng Arsenaaluitrusting terug naar je hand wanneer dit wezen sterft."

- Shield Bash:
Inconsistent use of ATK. It should be AP.

- Ancient Wisdom:
Inconsistent translation (yes, I know, it's only one short sentence ...): "Trek 2 kaarten." would be simple and correct.

- Birchwood Invoker:
First off, another typical dt-typo... "Wanneer een totem onder jouw controle wordt vernietigd, [...]", so a 'd', not a 't'. Second, I suggest "Berkenbosoproeper" to be consistent with my earlier suggestion for Tren and to refer to a forest rather than wood as a resource.

- Champion of the Revolt:
This card has several inconsistent translations.

First off, I suggest to name it "Heldin van de Revolutie". 'Heldin' is a bit more meaningful than 'Kampioen' here.

Second, the second paragraph of the card text would be easier to read and more consistent with translations of multiple other effects in the game if we'd write: "Wanneer Heldin van de Revolutie het veld betreedt, zoek in je set naar een Slavenkaart en neem deze in je hand. Schud je set." It would also be a tad shorter.

- Dreyla:
The last sentence in the first paragraph should say: "De held legt deze kaart af en trekt een nieuwe kaart."

3. General:

- Khar:
His ability has a serious error. It should say "+2 AP/+1 LP" so a health-buff, not a speed-buff!

- Electrical Aura:
Weird construction in the main clause. Move "bezitten" to the beginning of the main clause, right after the comma. It should say: "Geboren nabij de Astrale Stroom, bezitten deze wezens nog altijd iets van hun mystieke energie."
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Re: Dutch translation thread

Postby ivko » Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:37 pm

So maybe it was good that you are stuck in Dutch :D

Jokes aside, thanks a lot for all the corrections. By the way you can now change your language from Settings - I hope we updated the mobile beta with this, I'm not 100% sure...

Also thanks for the bug reports for iOS, we will have to fix these in a following update though. Keep them coming :)
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Re: Dutch translation thread

Postby Carjan » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:35 am

Yes, it was :)

As mentioned in the bug reports I sent, the option of changing the language has been there for a while in iOS. The issue is not the option. You can use the drop down menu but the game logs you in automatically anyways while not changing the language. Is this intended? I did not find an option to not automatically log myself in.

Two more translation issues:
- 'For Freedom' silver star campaign mission: I mentioned that the name of the enemy hero is just gibberish. I suggest "Faessayaans gespuis".

- When your opponent gets dc-ed, the word 'heeft' in the warning is superfluous and wrong. It should say "Uw tegenstander verloor de verbinding met het spel."

EDIT: You were right in your email replying to me. When ingame in the app, going to settings will make the same language dropdown menu appear shortly after. I could switch to English now.
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