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German - Discussion Thread

Help us with translating Spellweaver in your language!

Re: German - Discussion Thread

Postby Maraut » Tue May 01, 2018 6:52 pm

I submitted my email address to help with German translation, but before you give me anything to work on, please fix the mistakes I pointed out over one year ago, most of which seem to still be in the game...
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Re: German - Discussion Thread

Postby ivko » Mon May 14, 2018 3:27 am

Maraut, I have no idea why not all of the mistakes you pointed out are fixed.

I will check when I get the opportunity, it is likely that I just missed something, my apologies!
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Re: German - Discussion Thread

Postby dermen » Tue May 29, 2018 9:44 am

I looked for Maraut's suggestions and found especially these:

Ruf von Jalaya, Erdrutsch, Totem der verlassenen Gedanken, Geißel der Unterwelt
(Call of Jalaya, Landslide, Totem of Forsaken Thoughts, Underworld Scourge)
"... mit Manakosten X oder weniger..."
In other cases it's written as "mit Manakosten von X"; I don't care to much about it, but maybe it's better to make it uniformly.

"Von Khar geschädigte Helden erhalte keine Gesundheit..."
-> "Von Khar geschädigte Helden erhalten keine Gesundheit..."
(seems that I missed it the last time ...)

Elfenkommandant, Echsenbarbar, Skatadors Gebot, Bluthexen-Harpie
(Elf Commander, Lizard Barbarian, Skattador's Bidding, Bloodwitch Harpy)
"Zugs" -> "Zuges" (in all other cases I found, it's "Zuges")

Then I found two additional things I seem to have overlooked:

Xiara: "Andere nicht-Geist-Kreaturen haben -1 ANG/-1 LP."
-> "Andere Nicht-Geist-Kreaturen"

Tren: "Leg ein Stärke-Emblem auf Tren."
-> "Lege ein Stärke-Emblem auf Tren."

At least: "Steel Sentient" is translated as "Stählener Wächter". I like the translation and I don't want to change it, but "Wächter" is "sentinel". :)

edit: some other issues:
"Opfere Mondstahlbergmann: Leg ein Stärke-Emblem auf eine andere Kreatur unter deiner Kontrolle." -> "Lege"

Trigon des Paktes:
"Erreich einen <Level:(WN)>-Level." / "Erreich einen <Level:(HN)>-Level." / "Erreich einen <Level:(HW)>-Level."
-> "Erreiche"

"Zahle bis zu <Mana:3>. Mach so viele verbündete Kreaturen bereit und stell ihre gesamte LP wieder her. Begib dich zu deiner Aufmarschphase."
-> "Mache so viele [...] und stelle ihre [...]"
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