Expansion Celebration Events And Discounts

29/07/2016 by Kaloyan Pishmanov

Here you can find more info about the discounts and celebration events for the release of the Valiant Dawn expansion:


5 FREE Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs Key


All players can take advantage of the special ValiantDawnBonus key. Just go to the Main Menu -> Redeem Key -> enter the key “ValiantDawnBonus” -> press OK. Enjoy your packs!

This bonus is available until August, 15th. Each account can activate the key only once.


Crafting Discount for Hero Cards


We recognize that such a change, like the new Rarity, shouldn’t take the players by surprise. That’s why, all hero cards that are now of the Heroic rarity, will be craftable at the former rate of 150 shrines until and including August 5th.

This will allow you to craft the heroes you want to have in your collection before the changes come fully info effect.


Expansion Boxes Discount


And last but not least there is a 5% special launch discount on the Expansion Boxes, which contain 12 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs.

This offer is available until August 7th.


Release Celebration Events


If you hop on into the game on July 30th-31st, you will most likely find a Release Celebration tournament starting within a couple of hours. One each day of the weekend, there will be 9 tournament celebration events in total, 3 of which free. The events start every 3 hours.


And here is the full schedule for the Celebration Events:


Release Celebration Event7:30 CET, July 30th, July 31st

Release Celebration Event10:30 CET, July 30th, July 31st

Release Freeroll Event13:30 CETJuly 30th, July 31st

Release Celebration Event16:30 CETJuly 30th, July 31st

Release Freeroll Event19:30 CETJuly 30th, July 31st

Release Celebration Event22:30 CETJuly 30th, July 31st

Release Celebration Event1:30 CETJuly 31th, August 1st

Release Freeroll Event4:30 CETJuly 31th, August 1st

Release Celebration Event


Entry: 2x Ticket

Format: Single Match

Max Players: 128 (7 rounds)


1 point: 1 Valiant Dawn Expansion Pack

2 point: 2 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

3 point: 3 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

4 point: 4 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

5 point: 5 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

6 point: 6 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

7 point: 7 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

Release Freeroll Event


Entry: Free

Format: Single Match

Max Players: 256 (8 rounds)


1st place: 12 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

2nd place: 7 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

3rd place: 5 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs

4th-20th place: 3 Valiant Dawn Expansion Packs


The cards from the expansion are valid for participation in these events!


May the cards be with you!