The Faessaya Oligarchy

Many years ago, the aristocratic families who reigned over Faessaya were noble and just leaders. They owned the richest and most prosperous lands in entire Asperia. During the Golden Age of Faessaya, there was no other faction that could match their wealth, resources, and influence. Then the fall started …. There were generation after generation of spoiled rulers, raised with the attitude of divine superiority and the feeling of an inherited right to own everything and everyone. They slowly but firmly forgot the ways of their forefathers.

The Faessaya Oligarchy was born. Resorting to dark arts and forbidden practices, its Families stopped at nothing in their lust to increase their wealth and power. Now their laboratories constantly work on creating new, wicked but powerful artifacts to help them prevail in battle. Their malicious doctors experiment day and night to bring new abominations to serve them. The weaker enemies are enslaved, the stronger killed. The captured enemy champions, considered valuable, are twisted according to Faessaya’s desire. What the Oligarchy cannot buy with gold, it can achieve with unbelievably horrific torture.

Faessaya always wants more and more, and it is not likely that owning the whole known world will satisfy its thirst.

Geographical Region: The Depraved Provinces

Capital: Shadowstep Towers

Creature Types: Humans, Dark Elves, Vampires, Creatures Corrupted by Greed

Points of Interest

Shadowstep Towers

Shadowstep Towers is an impressive monolith structure that fully represents the wealth and status of the Oligarchy. This is the place where the Oligarchs gather for their Senate meetings. The Towers are also important because of the secretive assassins’ guild situated there. The Oligarchs keep the assassins close, using their services if they want a matter taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Inside the dungeons of the Shadowstep Towers, deep beneath the ground, is where Faessayans keep their war prisoners and political convicts. Screams can often be heard from the inside, warning prospective traitors of what awaits them.

Stronghold Metropolis

Basically a gigantic bazaar, Stronghold Metropolis is the place where you can find and buy absolutely anything in Asperia. The most emblematic part is the slave market, where one can buy and sell slaves of all forms and races. The slave traders are eager to pay hefty sums to the Oligarchs for protection and to ensure their trade remains undisturbed. A few centuries ago in Stronghold Metropolis, a practice of declaring bounties for special creatures was established. “Impossible catches” include angels, dragons, primal demons, as well as numerous other rare beasts.

Biotech Laboratorium

The Biotech Laboratorium is the most prominent Faessaya laboratory. It researches new types of dark technology, including bio-augmentation, chemicals, parasites, all kinds of poisons, and implants. Test subjects are taken directly from the battlefields, so the flow of experimental subjects never ends. The facility is strictly guarded, with very few people being admitted in or out. Laboratorium doctors are highly respected by the Oligarchs as they provide many of their most powerful weapons. Accordingly, they are extremely rich and have almost full independence in their work and deeds.

Mines of Plenty

It’s not hard to guess that only slaves work in the Mines of Plenty – in countless numbers. It is an enormous mining complex, considered the richest source of crystals in all of Asperia. This is where most of the Faessayan wealth comes from. The precious resources are added directly to the treasury of the Senate and then distributed to the Oligarchs and all the families. For every greedy Faessayan, losing money is worse than losing his life. Therefore, the Mines of Plenty are the best guarded-site in the Oligarchy.


The Senate – a body comprised of all twelve Oligarchs. The Senate is often the scene of power struggles between the Oligarchs and not once or twice a Senate member found his death in the middle of a Senate meeting. When it comes to keeping the common people under control, however, the Senate is always united and ruthless. Their tools of the trade include propaganda, corruption, treachery and terror.

The Major Families – the twelve wealthiest and most powerful families, considered to be direct heirs of the last Faessayan king Sentmardin. The head of each family is an acting Oligarch and a member of the Senate. The Oligarchs are rulers of the major provinces, where they have supreme power.

The Minor Families – the less influential families that do not descend from Sentmardin’s bloodline. They are rulers of the smaller provinces, merchants or bankers. The “Minors,” as they are called, are either neutral or serve a major family. Minors do not have representatives in the Senate but sometimes are given important tasks inside.

Plebs – the common people: worker bees of the families. Deluded by the wealth of their rulers all they do in their lives is to copy them, hoping that one day they will have enough gold to buy the materialistic goods they crave.

Zeros – a zero tattooed on somebody’s neck means he is a slave. He doesn’t have a name. He doesn’t have any rights. He is nothing. Slaves do what masters say.

Legions of Fear  - the military structure of the Oligarchy, divided into several echelons and ranks. Most of the soldiers are mercenaries who enlist with the desire to earn gold and fame. Many corrupted individuals have forfeited their former factions to serve in the Legions.