The Dark Legions

As much as the angels of the Divine Order represent ultimate good, the demons of Corruption represent ultimate evil. The demons are not native to Asperia – they emerge in the lands from a tremendous pit known as the Abyss, spawning from numerous portals inside. Their master is the evil mastermind known as the Lord of Corruption. He leads his minion armies only to bring chaos and death upon all. According to a famous conspiracy theory, the Lord of Corruption is actually just an agent of a higher power – the Primal Gods of Corruption. Has he really been sent to Asperia with the sole mission to pave the road for them?

Geographical Region: Wastelands of Sorrow

Capital: n/a

Creature Types: Demons, Undead, Dark Spirits, Corrupted Humans, Monstrosities

Points of Interest

The Abyss

The single most powerful source of evil in Asperia, the Abyss mysteriously appeared out of nothing, many centuries ago. The demons and monstrosities pouring out of it have corrupted the once flourishing lands around. The Abyss itself is a deep pit spiraling downwards consisting of many circles or levels. The deeper one goes, the smaller the circles appear and the more horrific the demons that dwell them. Supposedly, the Abyss goes to the very bottom of the world, where the demonic mansion of Aamon, the Lord of Corruption, is situated.


When the armies of Corruption win a battle, the most precious spoils of war they take are the bodies of their fallen enemies. They bury the remains in the Necromanteon – a huge cemetery complex with many crypts, catacombs and endless fields full of graves. Shortly after, powerful necromancers serving Aamon raise zombies, skeletons, and other abominations out of the dead material. Nothing is wasted. The undead are a powerful ally – they don’t ask questions or have wills of their own.

Duke Harsford’s Castle

Duke Harsford was once a charismatic and ambitious leader whose domains were part of Ivia. When evil swept over his lands, Harsford was unable to protect his people from their tragic doom. Devastated, he made a big mistake: he took his own life. Aamon found and trapped the Duke’s soul, convincing him that he had sinned grievously and would never be able to find forgiveness unless he served him for one thousand years. Then the Lord of Corruption would return his life back, giving him the chance to redeem his soul. Now Duke Harsford’s spirit is a Contractor. He rules over his ruined castle and leads the wraiths of his former men on the side of Corruption.

Pantheon of Fallen Heroes

In the times before the Abyss appeared in the world of Asperia, prosperous human societies built a fascinating memorial tomb in honor of their greatest champions. The most talented artists and sculptors were approached to immortalize the epic heroes after their demise. Aamon, seizing a great chance for evil, corrupted the Pantheon, resurrecting the fallen champions. He compelled their powerful zombie bodies to serve him by threatening that he would destroy the Pantheon and thus shatter the memory of their former glory to dust.


Lord of Corruption – named Aamon, also self-proclaimed Lesser God. The Lord of Corruption is an omnipotent demon in possession of immense magical abilities. He single-handedly controls all evil forces in Asperia. Aamon has never been seen by a mortal man, but many think he ventures forth in disguise. Aamon holds a grudge against the Divine Order. It seems that his current goal is to destroy all Angels in the realm, bringing their divine influence over it to an end. Then he will probably return to his master plan of bringing chaos and destruction to all.

Emissaries of Doom – the most powerful minions of Aamon. Usually demons, they act as generals for his armies. The Emissaries of Doom stay inside the Abyss as much as possible. From there, they gain their vile powers and are invoked outside only for important missions.

Disciples of Chaos – demons, spirits, monstrosities, and all corrupted individuals that have the ability to think alone and obey Aamon. They are sent out of the Abyss into the world permanently with only one mission – to destroy.

Servants of Death – all the undead abominations and their necromantic masters that belong to Aamon. They thrive on death, and the only thing that brings them forward is the desire to cause it.

Zealots of Sorrow – a religious cast of tainted humans who praise Aamon. Brainwashed to insanity, they indulge in sacrificial and demonic rituals in the name of their Lord of Corruption.

Contractors – powerful individuals who have made a demonic contract with Aamon. They have traded their most precious possession for power – their souls.