Competitive Decks Reference Guide by Rinriet

02/04/2018 by Rinriet

Hello Spellweavers!

“Meta” or metagame is the collection of the current top decks. It is the list of decks you can use to win reliably, but also represents the decks you need to prepare against.

We present you a compilation of more than 20 known competitive decks. All these decks were tested and approved by renowned Spellweaver players.

You can use them as a guide to acknowledge the common decks, or to get inspired to make your own!

Every deck comes with an approximate shrine cost. That is the amount of basic shrines it takes to make every card with the crafting system. Take that number as a guide only, because the more cards you have, the lower the amount is for you.

Click on a deck to see it full size!

Alexa Valor

Burning Rage

Corruption Control



One Turn Heal

Red demons

Rage Rush


WR Control

WR Aggro

WR Control



Blue Soldiers

Corruption Implants

Grand Reunion

Hate Bears

Illusions Passageway

Polar Bears

Red Soldiers


Valor Rage

Valor Rage



I wouldn’t be able to make this without the help, information and feedback from a lot of players. Thank you Cruel_Tek, Dobrycy, Duall, HallYall, Jeronim0, Sandalphon, SashaIr, Tauric, wh1sp, VanguardX and everybody else who I forgot to write here.