April Deck Contest – Results and Decklists

18/04/2020 by Ivko Stanilov

Fellow Spellweavers,

For those of you who missed it, we recently held a deck creativity contest, won by LucyV.

We were initially going to only post the top 3 decks, but after seeing them we can’t help but publish all. Well, except that of Dobrycy, which was clearly sent as a joke.

Some of the decks might not be competitive material, but nevertheless you could use those as deck ideas or just play them for fun.

Thanks for all players who submitted decks, and let’s all enjoy their beautiful creations!

Player: LucyV

Deck Name: Komodo’s Rising

Description: A Wisdom-Rage-Nature deck that makes use of Flaming Aurite and creatures that can deal damage, e.g. Flaming Satyr. It also has an energy sub-theme to make use of Power Shot.

Comments: Looks like a fun and powerful deck, however it might struggle against control decks.

Originality: 5
Strength: 9

Hero: 1x Daris Stormborn

3x Charged Aurite
3x Wall in the North
3x Shifting Aurite
4x Cinderflame Subordinate
4x Frost Elemental
3x Timea, Magi Wanderer
2x Bark Convoy
6x Flaming Aurite
4x Flaming Satyr
3x Chimera of the Wild

4x Power Shot
2x Power Discharge
3x Forge of the Ancients
4x Wisdom Shrine
6x Rage Shrine
3x Library of Life
1x Ancient Ruins
1x The Grand Institute
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: VanguardX

Deck Name: Nature-Wisdom Tempo
Originality: 3
Strength: 9

Description: Outvalue your opponents with Ka’ainu, Library Guards, and Timea while keeping them at bay with bounce and freeze.

Comments: The deck is an old time favorite that can shine again after the balance patch, which made on-board attrition decks good again.

Hero: 1x Kaainu, Edge of the Spear

4x Forcemage Protector
4x Frost Elemental
4x Library Guards
2x Timea, Magi Wanderer
2x Elf Commander
4x Bark Convoy
2x Storm Faerie
2x Master Hunter

4x Power Discharge
4x Wall in the North
4x Tornado Outbreak
2x Tidal Wave
4x Primal Battle
2x Forge of the Ancients
4x Trigon of the Pact
8x Wisdom Shrine
3x Nature Shrine
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: GARRUK

Deck Name: One-Turn Kill

Description: Set up a single turn kill with Fateful Day and 20 energy on a Wilderness Guardian.

Comments: It looks like some wild fun – when it works. However, the combo setup can take a while and the deck only has Wall in the North + Electrostatic Armor for early defense.

Originality: 9
Strength: 2

Hero: 1x Daris Stormborn

4x Wall in the North
4x Wilderness Guardian

4x New Horizons
4x Unstable Reactor
4x Symbol of the Flux
4x Electrostatic Armor
4x Ancient Wisdom
4x Astral Dive
2x Johrails Silencer
2x Cleanse
4x Arcane Summoning
2x Fateful Day
17x Wisdom Shrine
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: MonkeyArms

Deck Name: Midrange Rage

Description: The classical Rage deck from the early days with Phoenix and Elder Red Dragon, as well as Altar of Dragons for defense or an early dragon drop.

Comments: This Rage deck has competitive potential and is fun to play. Zak’s deck also features a Target Emblem theme with Grulz and a Boar Rider, for which is wins some extra points for style.

Originality: 5
Strength: 7

Hero: 1x Zash the Annihilator

4x Lizard Barbarian
3x Grulz the Infiltrator
4x Goblin Fireworker
1x Boar Rider
1x Khar the Deadly Flame
2x Battlescarred Elder
4x Mescatian Phoenix
4x Elder Red Dragon

4x Word of Fire
4x Fireball
1x Boiling Blood
3x Fireblast
2x Cannonade
2x Dragonfire
3x Marked by the Gods
1x Altar of Dragons
16x Rage Shrine
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: Bigmanstark

Deck Name: Power Plants

Description: Plants with implants! Kill your opponent with massive unstoppable Shooting Sprouts.

Comments: It it definitely a deck I would play – it has the nice little combos that are so much fun in a card game. However, it seems to lack resilience and needs Spore Shepherd bad. The card is a must!

Originality: 7
Strength: 4

Hero: 1x Neeva, Child of the Forest

4x Ambushing Sharpshooter
4x Ethereal Sapling
4x Shooting Sprout
4x Spoiled Aristocrat
4x Shadowstep Assassin
4x Gnome Surgeon

4x Ambush Strike
4x Vegetation Blockade
4x Assassinate
4x Metabolic Overcharger
4x Grappling Hook
10x Nature Shrine
10x Dominion Shrine


Player: ExarKun

Deck Name: Zash Ramp Dominion

Description: Use Power Surge and red removal in your early game to reach power plays such as Mutant, Battlescarred Elder, Phoenix, Elder Red Dragon, and Karthas.

Comments: Again a deck I would play in a pinch. I think the deck needs some more early plays, and I would definitely bump Eternal Servants to 4 copies. Maybe not ranked material, but it is a nice deck.

Originality: 4
Strength: 6

Hero: 1x Zash the Annihilator

4x Battlescarred Elder
4x Mescatian Phoenix
2x Elder Red Dragon
2x Prinha the Nightshade
4x Bloodseeking Mutant
2x Bloodwell Matriarch
2x Dreyla, Ruthless Oppressor
3x Lord Karthas, Deathspeaker
2x Eternal Servants

1x Detonate
4x Fireball
2x Fireblast
2x Cannonade
1x Dragonfire
4x Power Surge
1x Symbol of Blood
1x Vampirism
3x Helm of Dominion
2x Altar of Dragons
6x Rage Shrine
6x Dominion Shrine
1x Cathedral of the Night
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: AHamster

Deck Name: Dragon Assault

Description: Play bigger an fatter creatures than the opponent, and remove threats with red removal, Primal Battle, and Dragon Assault.

Comments: An actual dragon deck! Both Khar and Untamed Green Dragon work great with Ka’ainu and you can immediately clear the board afterwards with Dragon Assault.

Originality: 6
Strength: 8

Hero: 1x Kaainu, Edge of the Spear

4x Jungle Deathtrap
4x Summoner Druid
4x Untamed Green Dragon
4x Bark Convoy
4x Khar the Deadly Flame
3x Battlescarred Elder
3x Elder Red Dragon

4x Tidal Wave
4x Symbol of Fury
4x Dragon Assault
2x Fireblast
4x Primal Battle
7x Nature Shrine
6x Rage Shrine
2x Altar of Dragons
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: Avi4

Deck Name: Angelic Contraptions

Description: What is the coolest card we can pull with Contraptionist? Angelic Temple! Let’s pull as many as possible and then win!

Comments: This deck has so much going on! It brings back Contraptionist in various ways, uses it to fetch Obelisk of Unity and play Dominion cards, it can win against Aggro with lifebound and against control by activaging 3 Angelic Temple at once + Triangelica. Genius!

Originality: 10
Strength: 4

Hero: 1x Hermelion, Hand of Justice

1x Relic Guard
2x Sunblessed Priest
2x Spell Warden
1x Namir of the Blinding Light
1x Guardian of the Faithful
1x Gomur Ironbeard
4x Contraptionist
2x Bloodwell Matriarch

3x Instill Life
1x Distant Expedition
3x New Horizons
2x Power Discharge
3x Disarm
2x Devious Plot
4x Angelic Temple
3x Helm of Righteousness
2x Obelisk of Unity
2x Unstable Reactor
3x Metabolic Overcharger
2x The Triangelica
4x Order Shrine
9x Wisdom Shrine
2x Cathedral of the Night
1x Valley of the Ancients


Player: Lirysse

Deck Name: Spirit of the Faeries

Description: Amass flying creatures and unleash powerful Earthquakes and Elgarons!

Comments: Based on a series of fun combos and synergies, this deck looks like a blast to play. It has a lot of flying creatures for Elgaron & Earthquake, as well as many Spirits for Devourer of Worlds.

Originality: 9
Strength: 5

Hero: 1x Neeva the Revered

4x Disquisitive Spirit
3x Enchanting Subordinate
3x Frost Elemental
3x Fleeting Faerie
3x Sunrise Faerie
4x Moonlight Patrol
2x Untamed Green Dragon
3x Storm Faerie
3x Elgaron the Eternal
3x Devourer of Worlds

4x Power Discharge
4x Earthquake
2x Tidal Wave
3x Primal Battle
4x Wisdom Shrine
7x Nature Shrine
4x Library of Life
3x Valley of the Ancients


Player: LusuKing

Deck Name: Voidtouched Decay

Description: Also known as Sneks, this is a one time classic deck that decks your opponent by turning their creatures into Voidtouched Subordinates using Parallel Evolution.

Comments: In strongly believe LusuKing didn’t know this deck existed, so I will award points for originality. The deck is fun to play with, but very unpleasant to play against. Play only if you want your opponents suffer.

Originality: 5
Strength: 6

Hero: 1x Daris, Prodigy of Wisdom

3x Disquisitive Spirit
4x Voidtouched Subordinate
2x Wall in the North
4x Elinor, Magi Adept
3x Library Guards
4x Djinn of Wishes
4x Infernal Vultures

4x Parallel Evolution
3x Ancient Wisdom
2x Thaumic Reflector
2x Noxious Fumes
3x Symbol of Decay
4x Primal Battle
8x Wisdom Shrine
5x Corruption Shrine
4x Unknown Shrines


Player: Jeronimo

Deck Name: Mono Wisdom Control

Description: A well-thought Wisdom deck with strong control elements, potent creatures and strong late game boosted by Thaumic Reflector, Steel Sentient + Drone and Magi Expedition.

Comments: I can’t say I don’t like the deck. It has a lot of early creatures and defenses, as well as end game threats.

Originality: 5
Strength: 9

Hero: 1x Daris Stormborn

4x Drone
4x Runelit Incarnate
4x Wall in the North
4x Steel Sentient
2x Magi Expedition

4x New Horizons
4x Word of Knowledge
4x Parallel Evolution
4x Snowstorm
2x Fateful Day
4x Electrostatic Armor
2x Thaumic Reflector
13x Wisdom Shrine
2x Ancient Ruins
2x Thaumic Laboratory
1x Valley of the Ancients