Spellweaver (maybe?) Final Update

It's now time to admit that for the time being, there will be no updates for Spellweaver. Although I still hope I can once again return to it someday. Also, expect news on a new game soon!

Full Valiant Dawn Playset – and More!

You will get the entire Valiant Dawn set, and when you reach level 20 (or immediately if you are level 20 or above), you will unlock the first three Ancients Rising release packages.

Winter Holiday Fiesta 2020!

Earn gift boxes as you spend Gold and Crystals and get increasing rewards as you collect Dragon Coins. Three lucky players will be drawn to receive a FULL CARD COLLECTION!

December Balance Update

This update makes changes to a total of 15 cards in an attempt to bring the top-tier decks to an acceptable level and let more decks have a chance in competitive play.

New Cards and 6 More Reasons to Play Now

Our new 15-card package was just released! But this is only one reason to start playing once again.